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What makes a software project successful? The equation seems simple: the right people with both the right tech skills & perfect culture fit generate the right energy to move the project forward.
Sounds easy… but it’s not. Right?
This is where the Rite NRG method comes in. We looked at proven onboarding and delivery outsourcing practices, and we are using them to resolve our clients’ challenges. Nearshore or offshore, we know how – we’ve been doing it for over 10 years!

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The effect?

How many times have you failed to solve a business problem and your team has had low performance? According to Gallup, low team productivity causes losses of $450–$550 billion a year. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates the cost of a single replacement at 6 to 9 employee’s salaries. Sounds heavy, doesn’t it?

Stop losing money immediately, with the first person from Rite NRG. You shorten the onboarding time and work with people who understand your goals, your way of communicating and doing business. Too good to be true? Unmind, Reviso, Dolby, and Santander thought so, too. At first. Now they’re our clients.

What is Rite NRG?

The “Rite” in our name is from “the rite of passage” — we uniquely combine tech skills, team psychology, and cultural fit to your organization.

The Right People

Research shows that only 12% of employees think that their organization does a great job onboarding new employees. We have developed unique processes for selection and onboarding, aiming at culture fit and day-one readiness to work on your project. Our leaders follow the most innovative cooperation methodologies. This is why our people start working on your project immediately and effectively, as a team. We are ready to scale up your team on demand and help you with rapid growth.

The Right Skills

Poland has the third best-skilled developers in the world (according to HackerRank). Rite NRG takes it even further – our leadership strives to connect soft and tech skills. We take responsibility for understanding the client’s technology gap and come up with a solution. We guide our people to be better, every day. Your project is growing? No problem – we are ready for your technical ecosystem.

The Right Energy


Our proven 4-step method guarantees that your newly built team is not only ambitious and understands the technological stack – they are also introduced to your culture and values, upfront. Therefore, not only do they provide excellent work and deliver your project, but they also have the right attitude and take ownership of your goals.

The effect? The right people with the right skills generate the right energy.

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