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Web3 Ecosystem for Gamers

Rite NRG developed a marketplace, wallet and protocol ecosystem – the first of its kind – for the gamified metaverse

“Truly partnership. I have a feeling that we are in one organization.
We work hard together and play hard together as well. We do not
have a topic that we can’t manage together. That gives me true safety.
Rite NRG is a partner who really helps find a solution.”

About Client

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Augmented Life Studio is a web3, metaverse and AR/VR software house headquartered in Delaware, U.S. The business creates products to:

  • Mint and trade NFT assets
  • Connect to the metaverse
  • Build games and metaverses on one protocol with Unity support

Rite NRG partnered with Augmented Life Studio to build Metapro, a platform to create, exchange, and move NFT game assets (weapons, avatars, and items) designed for developers, creators, and players. 

Project background

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Solutions and technologies

The client provided the ideas, inspiration and design concept for the ecosystem. Our role was to resource and build it. Rite NRG’s Senior Business Analyst began by, together with the client CTO, performing an in-depth conceptual assessment to confirm the technical requirements and define the main features of the product.

The next stage was to choose the most efficient technology. In consultation with the client, we opted for Node, React, .NET, and the Unity game-building engine.

Technologies applied:

For this project we used the Scrum methodology. Our team participated in daily, planning, and retro meetings and worked in two-weeks sprints. 

In total, the team consisted of 20 specialists, including a project coordinator, developers, designers, and testers, among others. The team was split into two divisions – one focused on the storage and marketplace, the other on development of the wallet application for Android and iOS.

We split the work between 2 teams responsible for the development of specific elements of the system: decentralised storage, marketplace, and wallet.

The teams leading on system architecture and decentralised storage faced a second challenge: this was the very first product of its kind. There was no proven solution on the market to serve as a benchmark.

So we innovated, creating a new mechanism to collect the assets and migrate them to Unity. We also built a centralised database to store information about the wallet assets and blockchain operations.

Like all the most innovative projects, there were technical limitations to overcome: creating storage pods, splitting assets into chunks, and spreading across the pods in a decentralised way. 

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The Metapro ecosystem components

We created a consistent gaming environment utilising NFT, Web3, and blockchain technologies for gamers to sell and trade their tokens (game assets).

This solution comprised 3 major components: 

As an additional deliverable, we then built the SDK for the Unity game engine to accelerate the integration of Metapro and game development companies. We created documentation and easy onboarding for developers, and reached out to partners to test the solution.  

The client was actively involved in delivery throughout the course of the 6 months, joining the project team to regularly review the business and technical requirements together with Rite NRG’s in-house blockchain experts. 


After just 6 months, the first version of the ecosystem was ready for launch. Assets could be downloaded and used in the games, and stored in wallets. 

Together with the client, we presented Metapro at Poznań Games Arena 2022 – Poland’s biggest game fair. Delegates showed a keen interest in the ecosystem, with more than 600 downloads of the Metapro mobile app. 

And our work doesn’t end here. Next, we’re planning further development of the ecosystem and the addition of new functionalities for the wallet, marketplace and protocol.

Sound like the right fit for you, too?

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