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Web3 Ecosystem for Gamers

Scaling a dedicated team up & down to grow the Metapro Web3 game ecosystem to 20,000 users

“A true partnership. I feel that we are one organisation. We work hard together and play hard together. There’s no challenge we can’t tackle. That gives me true safety. Rite NRG is a partner who really helps find a solution.”


 Over a 24 month partnership, Rite NRG flexibly scaled a dedicated software team between 1 and 20 developers to build, grow & maintain Augmented Life Studio’s Web3 gaming platform Metapro. 

Our flexibility, collaboration and speed to market was nominated for the prestigious Deloitte Tech Fast 50 2023 Award, and work to create new revenue streams for Metapro is ongoing. Here is our solution in 11 slides.

One Goal

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Rite NRG partnered with Augmented Life Studio to build, grow and maintain Metapro, a platform to create, exchange, and move NFT game assets. Metapro’s hybrid B2B model and B2C model generates revenue from both game developers and players in the first ever product of its kind.

  • First user-friendly Web3 blockchain wallet
  • Created for Unity game engine to increase development speed & efficiency   
  • Built on the robust foundation of Azure Cloud to harness the power of the Azure DevOps platform combined with the git flow approach


Building a scalable blockchain ecosystem from the ground up

Gaming is at the heart of the Metaverse. Our client could see major market opportunities: they planned to capitalise on their extensive web3 expertise by creating a blockchain ecosystem for game developers.

But building from the ground up requires significant resources. They didn’t have the capacity in-house. RiteNRG had already delivered several successful projects for Augmented Life Studio, so we were ideally placed to resource a flexible team of developers who fit their culture from first day.

Project background

Solutions and technologies

metapro aplication

The RiteNRG solution:

6 month milestone: robust, scalable MVP with 600 app downloads

Speed to market was crucial, with a key event in the Web3 calendar on the horizon: Poznań Game Arena 2022, Poland’s largest game fair. Working in rapid two-week sprints with SCRUM methodology, we successfully developed the MVP to prove the concept in time for launch in Poznań.


The MVP comprised 3 major components:

Event delegates in Poznań showed a keen interest in the Metapro ecosystem, with more than 600 downloads of the mobile app.

24 month milestone: scaling the solution to 20,000 users

In the following 18 months, additional deliverables included building the SDK for the Unity game engine to accelerate the integration of Metapro and game development companies. We created documentation and easy onboarding for developers, and reached out to partners to test the solution.  

With the concept proven and platform live, Augmented Life Studio’s focus turned to business development. Unlike the typical software development model, Rite NRG’s dedicated team service gives client partners the flexibility to immediately scale up or down at any time depending on the business need, while retaining knowledge in-house. This flexible, collaborative approach is key to success. Rite NRG redeployed most of the dedicated team to other projects, leaving a small core team in place to maintain the Metapro platform. 

Metapro has since grown its B2B customer base with 91 games published and a further 100 in progress. The B2C customer base, meanwhile, has grown to 20,000 current gamers. 

Looking to the future, the potential for Metapro is almost limitless, with a total addressable market of 1,500 game developers and 2.6 billion gamers. 

Rite NRG continues to partner with Augmented Life Studio to continuously improve the platform and help the business capitalise on the market opportunity, facilitating deployment of the technology to a larger user base.

Recognition of the results

In September 2023 Rite NRG and Metapro were nominated for the highly sought-after Deloitte Tech Fast 50 2023 Award, reflecting our flexibility in scaling a dedicated team up and down, collaborative approach to development and speed to market in developing a robust, scalable MVP in 6 months.

Want to emulate Metapro’s success?

Rite NRG can help, with a flexible team of high-performing developers who fit your culture, ready to go as soon as you are.

Talk to us to find out more.

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Rite NRG gives you high-performing, nearshored developers who fit your culture, ready to go as soon as you are.

Talk to us to find out more.

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Chief Executive Officer

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