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Energy in our company name means that we strongly believe there’s something else needed than just putting smart people on the team or project. To drive digital transformation to success, we need to fit into the client’s culture and act with extreme ownership and innovations. Try our riteway to success.

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Who is it for?

Start-up, scale-up

Focus on your business and let us lead software delivery of your product development, from ideation through MVPs, financing rounds, and go-live to maintenance and support.


We understand the importance of relationships and local personal-to-person meetings. Employ our potential in front of your clients. We speak your language.


Growing product companies need to have reliable software partners, especially when they grow rapidly. We embrace your culture and take care of the existing application and code just as you do.

Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs play a major role in most economies. They have unique business culture and often need trusted partners for a long-term perspective. We team up with SMEs to help with their development efforts.

Development workplace

Our services!

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A team perfectly tailored to your organization.

Tell us what skill set you need, and we will build you a software development team with which we will support your long-term success.

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You have an idea? We have the rest to make it real.

You’ve got an idea for a software project, but you’re not quite sure how to approach it technology-wise? No problem! We will take care of both technology and project delivery.

Happy with the team? Make it yours.

Build your IT development team outside your organization and retain its knowledge and experience. Transfer know-how between the teams and enjoy the results!

This is what you get by working with us:

Web Development



Digital Experience and Marketing

Digital Transformation

Product Development

Tech and Agile Consulting

Rite Team
Project Excellence
Support and Meintenance
Continuous Improvement

Steps of collaboration

Working on a short brief, with merely a few sentences of description, is definitely not our way of cooperation. From the very beginning, we focus on a full understanding of how your organization works and what challenges we are facing. We ask a lot of questions that will allow us to determine the scope of the project, and prove to you that we understand where you are and what the goal is.

Our equation is simple: the right people with the right tech skills & the perfect culture fit, generate the right energy to move the project forward. We are aiming high in properly selecting the right people. Thanks to our engagement we want to become a part of your team. The measure of our success is that you see Rite NRG as being your company's department located in Poland.

10 years of experience allow us to say that we know what we’re doing. Together with you – our client – we are setting the project environment in a way that will give us real data. We help you take an insight by working with you in a data-driven approach. Each person within our team in an interface to the knowledge of our organization. Depending on the selected approach, we can help you manage the project or just give support to one of your managers.

For us, Agile is not only a methodology. It is a real focus on each project’s results. We have SCRUM, Prince2, and SAF certification. Our knowledge and skills will help you achieve tangible value out of each sprint. Technology exists to make work easier for all of us, and we truly believe in that. This is the reason why our projects are set up in a way that allows us to make a release to Test or Production (CI\CD) easily and to keep the quality (unit tests, manual tests, and automatics tests compiled in the release process). We are not worried about growing performance requirements or backups / restorers (Clouds).

For us, to see a completed project go-live is the greatest award. We’re not afraid of any quality aspect of our work – we ensure it at every step, even when the product is finished or in use. We help keep it in good shape and further improve it with new extensions.

Why us?


Great people are just the beginning of building a team. We don’t look only at technical skills – we place great importance on their ambition and the energy they have.


Our company was founded by experienced leaders who aim to take extreme ownership of delivering value to the client. We are providing next-gen development services, with a focus on outcome-based delivery.


Culture fit is one of our core values. Our approach makes it unnoticeable to you that you are working with a software partner. We are not externals because we embrace your culture.


Rite NRG is an organization built by people with combined experience in Delivery and Consulting. We understand business, technology, and the importance of having a proper framework in place. We openly share our know-how with the clients.


No surprises. You will have a clear vision of how the team and costs will look in the future. The structure of the team will be as flexible as your needs. From one person up to a number of specialists.

Our partners


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XYZ Company

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Rite NRG

A Swedish-Polish company specializing in Software Development (consultants, teams, projects.)

We take utmost responsibility for the value delivered by us in the IT projects.

We provide next-gen development services, with an emphasis on results. We believe that a team built should be more than only a list of people with a given skill set. We understand perfectly that each project is different, and we take that diversity into account when we’re building a team. Your business culture is your competitive advantage, and we don’t want to disrupt it, but rather become its integral part, joining it with our unique energy.

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Our technology stack


Why Poland?

European Culture

The best cultural fit in Central & Eastern Europe.

The Region’s Largest Economy

In a region of 148 million people, Poland constitutes its largest economy with a 30% share
of total Central and Eastern European GDP ($1.59T).

The Best Developers

Ranked #3 as the country with the best programmers (HackerRank).

Great Technical Infrastructure

Proven during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Easily Accessible

Located in the middle of Europe, 1.5 hr flight to Poland, no visa required.

European Union Member

Tax, regulations, law, and GDPR compliance. Poland is a part of the following organizations:
EU (since 2004), NATO (1999), OECD (1996), WTO (1995), UN (1945), and others.

Great English Skills

Very high proficiency (#11), based on EF English Proficiency Index
(Sweden #2, Norway #3, Ukraine #49, India #34).