Build, Operate, Transfer

BOT is a service that allows you to build your team outside the company while retaining all intellectual property rights to anything the team members produce.

This is not an ordinary outsourcing model solution. People and their skills determine the success of a project. Usually, with the completion of the work, you get the finished product but lose the know-how related to its creation. Not this time!

What do we offer?


Faster development of the company is typically associated with an increase in the number of employees. Thanks to us, specialists will arrive onboard instantly.

Team building

We will build the team for you. You don’t need to take care of recruitment, staffing, onboarding,
team forming, etc. Let us relieve you of these tasks.

No additional costs

Don’t worry about the equipment – each of our members gets a strong laptop and a 4k monitor. Rite NRG sets up a core team as well as office space and infrastructure.


Your solutions in your structures. What we create together will stay in your organization.

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People management is on us. You get a fully motivated person or a team who takes care of delivering a solution of quality.

Steps of collaboration


A string of interviews with the client to understand client’s mission, vision, and goals. Clarification of requirements and expectations. We are asking a lot of questions and offering advice regarding technology, proper team structure, possible project approaches, forecasts, timelines, budgets. In other words, we are covering all areas to help you make a proper decision.


We go ahead with dedicated recruitment for your team. Information gathered in the first step helps us select the proper people. Our equation is simple: the right people with the right tech skills & the perfect culture fit, generate the right energy to move the project forward. We believe selecting the right people is a key to project success.

Team Readiness

Onboarding of the selected team, based on the requirements, to the client’s organization and the project, and onsite kick-off. Rite NRG builds a dedicated project onboarding, based on all pieces of information gathered in the previous steps (as well as on past onboardings – that makes each next onboarding easier.) Usually, we onboard the team at one time. Sometimes we start by placing the first person in the first weeks followed by adding additional in the next weeks. The team-building stage is done.


Our Project Manager is setting up the project environment and team practices – this is of course in alignment with the client. We want to have insights and work with you with a data-driven approach. We want to make your team fully operational before transitioning. At this stage, we have regular calls on the operational and strategic levels. 


After a year, you have the possibility to move the fully operational team under your umbrella. We are still working as we worked before, nothing has changed.

Who is it for?

Startup and Scale-up



Small and Medium Enterprises

Build - Operate - Transfer

Build - Operate - Transfer

Thanks to our rite way, the team will follow all of your company’s cultural standards. And when you are ready to incorporate them within your structures, the transition will be seamless.

With the support of Rite NRG, your nearshore or offshore business partner, you set up a development center abroad, hire new people there locally and then include them back into your company.

Financial Model

Known as Build-Operate-Transfer, this model puts a completely different spin on traditional outsourcing.

Thanks to our Rite process, the team will follow all of your company’s cultural standards. And when you are ready to incorporate the team members within your structures, the transition will be seamless. Recruitment, staffing, onboarding, and everything else that is needed to build a high-performing team – all of that Rite NRG will do instead of you.

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Rite NRG was fast and smooth in working on the project. They carefully listened to the client’s requirements and needs. Moreover, the team handled the project flexibly, strategically, and seamlessly. They held bi-weekly calls to openly discuss the project’s status.

Maciej Rogoziński

R&D Manager, Apsis

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