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We find your blind spots. You stay ahead.

Businesses like Santander and IKEA trust Rite NRG to release and scale software products faster.

Our methodology is simple: the right people, skills and cultural fit give you the energy you need to move forward.


Trusted by some of the world’s most innovative businesses:

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Dedicated Team

Project Software Development

Dedicated Team


Truly partnership. I have a feeling that we are in one organization. We work hard together and play hard together as well. We do not have a topic that we can’t manage together. That gives me true safety. Rite NRG is a partner who really helps find a solution.

Patrick Di Loreto

CTO Global Tech company

Rite NRG has proactively told us how to use their resources more effectively, which is impressive. Their contract is based on an hourly payment, not a fixed price, so they could simply work with us as we like and collect the money. However, they’ve provided us with ideas on how to improve things like project setup, reporting, or product architecture to get more out of their team.

Stefan Huster

Director of R&D Primion

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Eli Geofroy

Company Name


Truly partnership. I have a feeling that we are in one organization. We work hard together and play hard together as well. We do not have a topic that we can’t manage together. That gives me true safety. Rite NRG is a partner who really helps find a solution.

Michał Bartczak


CEO & Co-Owner

True experts with real-world blockchain experience, always ready to take action and deeply involved.

Kamil Nowotny



What I appreciate the most is Rite NRG’s promptness, professionalism, honesty, and openness, even in difficult situations. Since Rite NRG has joined the project, the client hired two people, resulting in the continuation of their projects. The team has solved all of the challenges. Moreover, their project management has been excellent and effective.

Katarzyna Hernas


HR Business Partner

Human-like interaction, to listen as a friend and advise as a friend. That provides a lot of comfort and helps the business the most plus ownership and autonomy: this is where Rite is best at.

Lawrence Landeloos



Collaboration Frameworks

Amplifying Your % value growth

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Consultants on demand:

Individual junior to architect level developers, whenever you need them.

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Flexible staff augmentation:

Multiple developers under your supervision, scalable up & down.

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Dedicated team:

Your delivery team, including a Project Manager  – ready to go.

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Dedicated team with product support:

Your dedicated team with product execution boost by Business Analyst/ Proxy Product Owner.

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Holistic delivery consulting:

Fast-track growth with our premier team, combining tech expertise, market navigation, and leadership acumen.

raffe ramka

Soft-skilled developers and software delivery expertise, ready to go

Nearshoring developers can be a rocky ride. With Rite NRG, hiring is an instant extension of the team you’ve already built. We go deep to make sure our developers fit your culture like the final piece of the jigsaw – but we’re not like a software house. 

You’ll tap into 12 years’ of software delivery consulting experience, with the strategic expertise and lessons learnt to find your blind spots, mitigate risk and prevent losses.

The result: you’ll have the Rite talent and strategy to release and scale. Fast. 

What is Rite NRG?

The “Rite” in our name is from “the rite of passage” — we uniquely combine tech skills, team psychology, and cultural fit to your organization.

The Right People

Only 12% of employees think their organization does a great job onboarding new employees. We’ve developed unique processes for selection and onboarding, ensuring culture fit and day-one readiness. We’re ready to scale up your team on demand and help you grow.

The Right Skills

Poland has the third highest-skilled developers in the world (according to HackerRank). Rite NRG takes it even further – our leadership strives to connect soft and tech skills. We take responsibility for understanding the client’s technology gap and come up with a solution. We guide our people to be better, every day.

Your project’s growing? No problem – we are ready for every technical ecosystem.

The Right Energy


Our proven 4-step method guarantees that your newly built team is not only ambitious and understands the technological stack – they are also introduced to your culture and values, upfront.  That means they have the right attitude to take ownership of your goals.

The effect? The right people with the right skills generate the right energy.

Tech Stack


Meet your real business needs with the team using technology to maximize your success


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