Rite NRG?

The next gen in building great-performing IT teams

What makes a project successful? The equation seems simple: the right people with the right skills who fit perfectly into the company’s culture generate the right energy to move the project forward.

This is where the Rite NRG process comes in. We tore apart the proven delivery practices, looked at them and improved them where they lacked certain features.

The effect?

According to Wanted Analytics an average hiring time for a developer is around 43 days. Average cost of hiring: $31,000 ($60,000 if you toss in the loss on production).

With the Rite NRG you achieve the “Team Ready” status in just three weeks. Too good to be true? IKEA, eurobank, Dolby, and Santander thought so, too. Initially. Now they’re our clients.

What is Rite NRG?

The “Rite” in our name is from “the rite of passage” — we uniquely combine tech skills, team psychology, and cultural fit to your organization.

The Right People

Poland has the third best-skilled developers in the world (according to HackerRank). We have developed a vast sourcing network there throughout the years, so you can be sure we will find the right people quicker.

The Right Skills

Part of the Rite NRG process is analyzing your tech stack which is then matched to our developer database. The system outputs the right people who have the right skills do move your project forward. And it takes hours, not weeks.

The Right Energy

Our unique seven-step process guarantees that your newly built team not only understands your technological stack — they are also introduced to your culture and values. Not only do they provide an excellent work, they also have the right attitude.

The effect? The right people with the right skills generate the right energy.

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