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We provide our Clients with the right teams comprising of people with the right technical skills and the right energy (through our innovative process of finding the right cultural fit) so that our
Clients can achieve their business goals quickly, safely and in a predictable way.

Our Values


We believe that

the team you’re building should be more than a list of people with the list of skills. Each company is different and we take this diversity into account when building a team.


We believe that

your company’s culture is its competitive advantage. And it should not be watered down by the new hires. Quite the contrary: the new people should bring the right energy into the mix.


We believe in

the other people on the bus. Jim Collins, the author of “Good To Great” uses the metaphor of your team being on the bus together. During his research he found out that the great-performing teams stick together not because of where the bus is going (the fame and fortune at the end of the project). Rather they stay together because of the other people in the bus — the right cultural fit


We believe that

work should be fun. And that the fun comes from doing what you love with the right people. This is where the right energy is formed. So we use behavioral psychology and culture research to insert fun into your culture.

Companies who have believed in our way of doing things:


Sourcing network there throughout the years, so you can be sure we will find the right people quicker.



Kiełbaśnicza 6/2b
51-108 Wrocław
tel: +48 604 851 980



Sodergatan 22
211 – 34 Malmo
tel: +46 70 381 70 80



Kiełbaśnicza 6/2b
51-108 Wrocław
tel: +48 604 851 980



Sodergatan 22
211 – 34 Malmo
tel: +48 888 888 888

Leadership Team

We know working with the right people is more important than anything else.
So here, get to know us!

Michał Nikołajuk

Chief Executive Officer

A typical Activator, according to StrengthsFinder — his other superpowers include connectedness, and communication. Some developers find his optimism and energy troubling — how can he think there’s always a way?! He loves trying new things — such as new foods or new activities. He’s already tasted surströmming, he has yet to try a durian. Father of two (Pola and Kacper), husband to Basia. When he does not play squash or ski, he plays The Witcher. Or tends to his lawn. Recent hobby? Intelligent home. He loves when the lawn waters itself.

Katarzyna Zybała

Managing Director

Born to sell. A skilled communicator, always has a couple of things on her plate. At the same time she’s “the organised one”. When asked to describe herself with one word, she says „dynamic”. When she rides a bike, she rides for the adrenaline. But there’s also the other side of Kasia — she stops to be amazed by the world. She loves animals — owns three cats and a dog — and has a taste for great music.
She dislikes routine but, fortunately for her, this is something that does not occur very often in Rite NRG.


Maciej Gudan

Chief Technology Officer and Agile Advisor

The introvert. He talked his sister into buying their first C64 when they were eight. Started programming and… the affection stayed with him. One of his creations was published on CD that came with a professional computer magazine when he was still in high school (which was a big deal back then).
He does not like tourism, but likes the business trips. When the others dreamt of fantastic journeys, he dreamt of drawing, creating comics, composing music. And yet he’s managed to live and work in eight countries so far. He’s known for keeping himself busy — besides his duties at Rite NRG he also gives lectures at universities and mentors younger developers and managers.


Piotr Hanaj

Chief Legal Officer

A piano player. Also, a lawyer specialising in corporate finances, and an economist. The persistent one — once he decides on something, there’s no force that can prevent him from checking it off. This attitude manifests itself in learning new skills (like diving or paragliding) and at work.
When he travels, it’s usually off the beaten track. Destination? Preferably Middle East or Asia. He likes to bring small tokens from his travels. Items with a soul, as he calls them. Did we mention he’s the persistent one?


Carl - Rafael Fredson

Investor and Strategic Advisor

I love to sport, discover and learn new things. This has meant that I constantly read professional books, listen to pods and attend lectures, love to listen and learn from people who are passionate about their thing and share knowledge. Language is another thing that interests me a lot.
My motto is to try to learn a new thing every year, all to keep up and challenge the brain. It can be a new language, flying, dancing or a new sport. I always try to go outside my comfort zone.
This has meant that I am now a pilot, jump parachute, go extreme skiing, scuba dive, run a marathon, speak several languages and cook.

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We're fun after hours, too! Take a peek.

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