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Process at Rite

No need to beat around the bush: you'll be just fine here, that's for sure.

A clear recruitment path will lead you to feedback:

You apply and...

Let's get to know each other!

During a 15-minute phone call, our development path expert will ask you about what you are professionally looking for. They will also inquire about some other essential information that will allow us to move forward.

What about the technology?

If, after the initial introduction, both sides feel like we are aligned and could possibly achieve something valuable together, then it’s worth having a more technical conversation. During a 60-minute video conference, we’ll also check if we fit culturally and speak the same language.


Yes, we’ll start training you at this stage! In a 30-minute video conversation, we’ll prepare you for the next stage. Rite NRG Team – meeting

Zespół Rite NRG- spotkanie
Client Interviews.

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke – and neither do you! Therefore, the next step might involve a 60-minute video conference where you’ll meet technical individuals from the client team with whom you’ll be working. At the same time, the client will have the opportunity to get to know both you and your technical skills. The sooner we establish a relationship, the better.

Offer and Your Decision.

 …and you join Rite NRG!

Ikona ludzie w grupie

Rite NRG

What is this "Rite" in our name, anyway?

“Rite” means “ceremony” in English, and in our name, it stands for “a ritual of transition” – transitioning to a higher level of thoughtful team-building. At Rite NRG, we combine technical competencies, team psychology, and proper cultural fit. The result? A project team composed of the right people with the right skills and the right energy!

NRG – passion, proactivity, creativity, a drive to move forward, charisma… You can call this mysterious “factor x” different names. We decided to simply call it NRG – energy! Energy is the most valuable element (besides time). All of us at Rite NRG have it, and what about you? 

Iga Koch

I highly value the supervisor’s support in the development of company employees, as well as an individual approach to each colleague. All of this is complemented by a great atmosphere in the office, a professional approach to the clients, and competent people around. I sincerely recommend working at Rite NRG!


Senior IT Recruiter

Ikona cytat
Marcin Kern

For the first time in my life, I saw a “flat structure” in action, where I can approach the founders and chat with them about trivial matters over coffee. I also have a real impact on what happens around me: I plan my own development path, and there are people who help me with that. I love working here the most because I feel that the company’s concept aligns with my character – communication, good humor, and a willingness to solve problems seem like a natural key to good cooperation (both with supervisors and clients). I see good and tremendous potential in all of this, and automatically, I want to give much more of myself than in a “regular company.”


Senior Software Engineer

Ikona cytat
Magdalena Miernikowska

I was very warmly welcomed by interesting and kind people, and this atmosphere continues. I always receive feedback from my supervisor, who also strongly supports my daily work. I can develop in various directions, so besides caring about quality in projects, I participate in the process of recruiting new people. I will soon start my adventure with Python under the guidance of our mentor, Rafał, and I won’t stop there because I still have several goals.


Quality Assurance Engineer

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Sebastian Iskra

Rite NRG is a place where I fulfill myself and grow as a programmer. In addition to interesting projects, where everyone can find something for themselves, there is a pleasant atmosphere, lots of smiles, and interesting initiatives. I’m glad I joined Rite NRG because this company has wonderful people and is a dream workplace.


.NET Developer

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Magdalena Kulpa

Rite NRG is a place that brings together people full of ambition and passion. You can notice the good energy and authenticity of this place from afar. Rite prioritizes the development of us as employees and specialists, not just themselves. At every step, you can feel the support from the supervisor and team members. It’s worth joining us and developing your potential together with Rite.


Marketing Manager

Ikona cytat
Oliwia Wangryn - Jaworska

I feel that I have the opportunity for real development. Full responsibility for the tasks and areas entrusted to me. It’s a job with fantastic people every day. Here, everyone respects each other, and there’s no person who wouldn’t help anyone, even with a minor matter. I find great satisfaction in the fact that the people I talk to during interviews become my colleagues afterward, and they can also realize themselves in interesting projects at Rite NRG, not only in their primary roles but also in additional ones. I appreciate feedback from my supervisor, co-workers, clients, and team members.


HR Business Partner

Ikona cytat

What we offer

Working on new ideas side by side with the company founders – creative tasks are always the most enjoyable, and with us, the sky is the limit in this area.

Support in personal development – we don’t have a checklist of tasks to tick off. We believe in a pragmatic approach based on the exchange of experiences and mentoring. We like to ask for advice from the best in the industry.

Flat organizational structure – probably only the Flat Earth Society is flatter than us 😉 In any case, we believe that everyone knows best what to do with a properly defined goal and provided support.

Remote work option – by remote work, we don’t just mean working from home. We’ll use the summer period to enjoy the charms of Tenerife. Work and exploring the world don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Of course, the standard benefits package like everywhere else – private medical insurance, multisport, life insurance

Working hours tailored to the chronotype of Night Owls or Early Birds – You know best when you work efficiently and creatively!

Peace of mind or good money on a contract – do you prefer working based on an employment contract (UoP), or maybe you opt for B2B? The choice is yours!

Partnership and transparency – right from the recruitment stage, we treat you as our partner, so you know exactly what will happen during the interviews and also after you join the organization.

Join Rite NRG Friends!

We are a group of people who create and share their ideas. We don’t spam. We participate in events, promote our talents and want to stay up to date with you! You will receive an update from us once a month. Let’s be friends!

Do you want to change the world? Our clients do.


Various, mainly international 😉 Above all, we take into account innovation and, consequently, the attractiveness of projects. These often involve modern solutions, applications, or platforms that have great potential in the IT market. We collaborate with excellent brands from all over the world, technical leaders in areas such as digital marketing (CXP), Saas solutions, iGaming, Blockchain, SmartFactory, and many others. Our main technologies: .NET (.NET Core, .NET 6) JavaScript (Angular, React, NodeJS) Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) Python

We have plenty of benefits. In addition to the standard ones, such as the Multisport card (subsidized by us 2/3), medical care, group insurance, office snacks, and coffee/tea, we can continuously expand our skills through English language lessons (held during working hours) or by joining the internal Python School. We often participate in industry events, so you won’t miss out on those either. And the most important thing, starting this year, our team members have access to a rented apartment with a swimming pool in Tenerife during the summer season. You decide whether you work, vacation, or maybe both 😉


The choice is yours. We offer both employment based on a standard employment contract and cooperation based on a contract for services (B2B). We will definitely find an agreement.

We know very well that everyone works comfortably with good equipment, so we provide a high-quality laptop and a 4K monitor. There won’t be any problem with additional accessories either; just let us know your needs.

A laptop is a fully mobile device, so if you want, you can confidently work remotely. However, this doesn’t change the fact that we invite you to the office for a cup of coffee. Once every one and a half months, we organize integration meetings at the office. We come together for two days of collaborative work, followed by activities and team building.

We approach this flexibly. Depending on your preferences, you have the opportunity to start earlier or sleep a little longer. The most important thing is your presence at team and project meetings.

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