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Dedicated team

Ordinary outsourcing is a thing of the past.

Have you heard about IT Staff Augmentation, Team Augmentation, Staff Augmentation, Team Extension, or a Dedicated Team model? Try our next-get outsourcing!

Next-gen nearshoring means…

4 – 6 weeks

On average, this is how much time we need to build a team dedicated to your project.

No team rotation

We’re focused on long-term collaboration, and our developers work on one project at a time. We don’t rotate people around.

Scale up and down

Benefit from flexible solutions that give you freedom to choose the size of the team. You can scale up and down depending on your needs, including full-time or part-time roles.

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Extreme ownership

No gray zones. Each area will be controlled with the same precision.


People management is on us. We’ll ensure the individual or the team you work with has the energy to take your project forward.



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.NET has long been associated with enterprise-level software – primarily for its reliability. Working with .NET gives you the reassurance your solution will be well-balanced between resistance, security, speed, and simplicity for programmers. Battle-tested pairing with Azure and a huge directory of ready-to-use NuGet packages add a cherry on top.

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React is a very nimble framework, easily  adaptable to every project. As a lightweight framework, it’s a natural fit for smaller projects and those requiring innovation with new frontend trends; its extensibility is another strength.

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Angular is a robust framework, ideal for enterprise-grade applications. It’s not the smallest framework around, but offers all-round advantages for standardized business-oriented applications.

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Node JS

Have you ever dreamed of a project where the same language is used on the backend and frontend? We certainly have and Node JS gives us the opportunity to do just that! Node excels where time-to-market and rapid evolution of the backend is a priority.

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Python is heavily used in science, offering the possibility for fast-paced interactive, interpreted programming. The same reasons it’s used to build web applications: security and speed.  And there’s another benefit:  engineers love working with it!

Rite NRG team

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team is our answer to your scalability challenge. One person, or a whole team, joins your organizational culture to work together with you and achieve your goals.

Our goal is to build a real team consisting of people from your organization and from ours. We specialize in providing high-quality code, thanks to the appropriately selected skills of our people and effective leadership of IT projects.

Steps of collaboration


We begin with a string of interviews to understand your mission, vision, and goals. We’ll clarify  requirements and expectations. And we’ll ask lots of questions, offering advice on technology, team structure, project approaches, forecasts, timelines and budgets.

Rite Team

Information gathered in the first step helps us select the people with the right tech skills & the perfect culture fit, generating the right energy to move the project forward. 

Team Readiness

We’ll onboard your selected team, based on your requirements, and kick off on-site. Rite NRG builds a dedicated project onboarding, based on all information gathered in the previous steps. Usually, we onboard the team at one time. Sometimes we start by placing the first person in the first week(s) followed by more in the weeks after.

Continuous Delivery

Our Project Manager will set up the project environment and team practices – this is of course in alignment with you. Depending how you’d like to operate, we can help you manage the project fully or, if you prefer, give support to one of your managers. At this stage, we have regular calls on the operational and strategic levels.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility. At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then recalibrates and adjusts its way of operating accordingly.

Who is it for?

Startup and Scale-up



Small and Medium Enterprises


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XYZ Company

Short description of the project

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Rite NRG has significantly helped in 94 live releases, since the beginning of February. The team collaborates in a dynamic work environment and responds to market changes as soon as possible. They’ve integrated well with the internal team and are helping with planning and communication.

Maja Adamczyk

QA Manager, XCaliber

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Rite NRG gives you high-performing, nearshored developers who fit your culture, ready to go as soon as you are.

Talk to us to find out more.

Michał Nikołajuk

Chief Executive Officer

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