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Wondering what would be the best solution to your problem? This is where we come in.

Achieve your business goals with technology and get
a product that is well adapted to your environment.
Get a new bespoke solution, improve the efficiency of your business, enhance customer experience and generate greater profits.

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Usually, the first team member starts within one week. Are you able to get up to speed so quickly? We are!

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Over 12 years in IT, hundreds of delivered projects, experience in working with startups and global enterprises.

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A truly agile approach - we deliver all the projects this way. You don't even need to have the know-how, we will explain everything.

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Project Software Development

Choose one reliable IT partner who will manage the entire software development lifecycle process for you. From initial analysis to maintenance.

Your task is to have an idea. Ours – to conceptualize how to technically execute it for you. Don’t worry about technology, that’s why you have us and our experience. We will select the means that will effectively implement your project.

Steps of collaboration


All we expect from our client is to have an idea for the product – that’s it. When it comes to delivery, we know what to do and we will guide the client through all stages of software development.


This is the first step on our side to take. We need to deeply understand your idea and evaluate it fully together with you from every perspective possible in order to have a clear view of what your concept is. When we get the full picture of the product, we’ll get down to choosing the technology as well as preparing architecture estimation, timeline, and budget for your review.

Setting up the Rite Team and Project Kick-Off

Selecting the right people is the key to project success – when it comes to it, our bar is set high. A Scrum Master is setting up the project environment and team practices. We want to have insights and work with you using a data-driven approach. At this stage, we have regular calls on the operational and strategic levels.

Continuous Delivery

We are a truly agile, performance-driven organization. We have SCRUM, Prince2, and SAF certifications. We use our knowledge to help you achieve tangible value out of each sprint. Usually, our software development process is based on two-week sprints. For each sprint, we have a demo to present the results to the client and receive feedback. Transparency is one of our values, and it’s always in place. The client has access to both each team member and all data to be able to see the entire process without surprise.

Support and Maintenance

We love to see our solution go live and we know that it’s not the end of the project development. We help the client keep the solution in good condition and work on extensions.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility – and we know that. Also, at regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then calibrates and adjusts its way of operating accordingly.


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Financial Models

Fixed Price

Dedicated to projects that have a clear scope, timeline and budget from the very beginning.

Time & Material

Just in Time requirements, quick start, project built on an iterative approach.

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What I appreciate the most is Rite NRG’s promptness, professionalism, honesty, and openness, even in difficult situations. Since Rite NRG has joined the project, the client hired two people, resulting in the continuation of their projects. The team has solved all of the challenges. Moreover, their project management has been excellent and effective.

Katarzyna Hernas

HR Business Partner, Axabee

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