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Nearshoring Partnerships with Rite NRG

We take care of everything

Why nearshoring?

Trusted by some of the world’s most innovative businesses:

What clients say about us

Agency - UK

+30 months

+30 months

acting as a strategic delivery partner | expert in technologies including .NET / JavaScript / Python, speeding up staffing time | eager to take the full responsibility on the project | fast in communication | accountable for delivery and new business | structured in delivery but also flexible when needed | fast in new business | great communications end to end

IoT industry - Sweden

12 months

12 months

advisory on technical design solutions |  ownership on delivery – so the customer can focus on business | flexible collaboration model | proactive solving mindset type | great people, allowing rapid scale up.

Blockchain - Dubai \ USA

+14 months

+14 months

cut staffing time | expert in delivery and advisory on structure and processes | accountable in delivery | helping to scale up and down depending on demand | ownership on delivery – customer can focus on the business

Gambling - Sweden

11 months

faster development & deeper insights | Dedicated Team onboarded in 3 weeks | building, managing and training a team | support the client’s in-house team in separating independent components from the monolithic code of the entire system | launch a total of 90 releases within 120 working days.


35% (business skills) + 35% (digital speed) + 15% (cost) + 15% (environment)

Nearshoring benefits

Business Skills, Mindset and Access to Talent

Companies say their primary reason for outsourcing is to access skillsets that aren’t available in-house, with a deeper understanding of the business context and a ‘think outside the box’ approach.

Digital Resonance and Speed

Companies’ secondary reason for nearshoring is speed: the ability to build and implement quickly, taking products to market faster than the competition.


The third decision trigger is cost pricing; nearshoring delivers substantial cost efficiencies over comparable options.

Business environment

As top 4 decision trigger companies claim that effectiveness of their product was influenced by a favorable business environment and agility matter.

Why nearshoring in Poland ?

Tech Market

IT sector revenues

The country’s IT outsourcing market revenue grew throughout
the pandemic from 2.2 billion USD in 2019 to
3.1 billion USD in 2021

Great specialists

Poland has the most significant IT workforce in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE),
with over 400,000 IT experts in 2021.

Top-skilled developers & mature software development market

Poland is ranked #3 in the worldwide programming skills assessment (HackerRank ‘22).
Companies invested in Poland : Google, IBM, Facebook, Netflix, AFRY, Scania, Volvo, Ericsson

High education

Additionally, 80% of Polish IT specialists have degrees, which is significantly
higher than the European Union (EU) average (63%)

Most popular sourcing and reshoring locations

1st place in the list of the most popular sourcing and reshoring
locations for European companies

Why nearshoring with Rite NRG ?

Our numbers

Only 9%

of candidates join Rite NRG



of experience



Rating on Clutch





Our advanced selection process allows us to invite the best people to the collaboration. During the process, we evaluate energy – ego-drive and proactiveness. A new member is selected by the current team to keep the energy level high.



We are more than just an IT contractor. We are a Partner fully committed to the project. We know how IT projects work and that we can’t predict everything during business hours, so our commitment goes beyond that. We will take care of everything no matter the time.

remote working


Remote connection

Some people claim that working remotely is “not the same thing.” We argue that it can be the same thing, as long as you can manage it. We go in, execute and deliver the project remotely. We use a lot of online meetings to make sure everyone knew exactly what to do and why. Daily, 1on1, demo, weekly sync, strategic sync, senior management alignment – these are just a few that allow us to completely execute the project.


Good enough is not enough

We are not and will never be just a contractor. We know our competencies and believe in their power, so we always give more of ourselves than the initial arrangements assume. Together with our clients, we participate in the life of their company, retrain them, learn from them, improve ideas and are available even when we are not needed. This is Rite Way.


Remote ready

Secure collaboration possible from everywhere

G Suite as an integrated cloud-native collaboration and productivity platform. Infrastructure in the cloud is secure, scalable, and available 24/7. Google has 21 data centers around the world.


High quality video and audio

Fast Internet, high quality camera and microphone is making a similar feeling to those what we have sitting together in one room.

100% Clients work with us remotely

High communication/ response standards

Direct and rapid communication over Slack, formal communication over the email but still within maximum 24 hours response time and JIRA to see the project status every time.  

Ready for integration with Client’s tools

The infrastructure is built in a way to allow easy integration with the client’s toolset. Teams,, and Office365 are not a challenge. 

Our technology stack


Nearshoring vs permanent contract


Key Staffing Challenges

Permanent Contract

All associated costs are on Rite NRG. We take care of everything.


Overhead, administration, licenses, access to facilities. 

All associated costs bring additional
effort operationally to a Client.

Rite not only takes ownership of training but also introduces coaching and mentoring practices at the screening and final selection processes to make the right cultural fit. The people first mindset is in our DNA.

People & team management

People development and team management on daily basis

Comprehensive team responsibility is on
a Client side with all responsibilities despite of the skill set of trained personnel.

Our strong expertise on a variety of multi techstacks including python, JS, .NET, c++ in international partnerships allow our clients to watch and monitor rather than needing to manage and control similarly to typical in-house development.


Commercial and operational adaptability to Client’s needs.

Very often Clients miss expertise knowledge on i.e. digital transformation and reinventing the wheel takes unnecessary time and fundings.

Rite is <100ppl business partner and has instant access to a talent pool of 600+, through our network engaged since 2019.

Limited talent pool

Access to talent and dependency of local market

Market trends & uncontrolled
disruptions leads to delays impacting project velocity and rising
stakeholders’ escalations.

Sound like the right fit for you, too?

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Rite NRG gives you high-performing, nearshored developers who fit your culture, ready to go as soon as you are.

Talk to us to find out more.

Michał Nikołajuk

Chief Executive Officer

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