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Rite NRG maximised value from Exhale’s web app development budget, creating a first-of-its-kind MVP with innovative new features.

Exhale platform
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Exhale is a health tech platform empowering therapists in Sweden to manage their workload more effectively, structure their work and communicate with their clients. Client website:

The founders had spotted a market opportunity: despite rising demand for therapists creating an increased workload, solutions were outdated, largely analogue and in need of innovation.

The Client product

  • Digitizes therapists’ day-to-day tasks 
  • Gives therapists’ clients digital access to all session materials 
  • Allows clients to book and participate in video meetings, followup calls and chats
  • No alternative product currently available  

Project challenges

Solutions and technologies

Rite NRG was exclusively responsible for web app development, project management, and end-to-end business consulting, while all design, UX, and business logic were created and supplied by Exhale. 

Exhale trusted us to choose the entire tech stack for their product. Both parties took an agile approach to the project. We worked on 1-week sprints, with weekly demo meetings to show progress and results and gather client feedback. 

Next was the mock-up stage. We had to assess how we could include all the features the client wanted, while remaining within their budget. 

Our three-step budgeting system helped us ensure we could meet the Exhale’s expectations on costs. It also gave us a deeper understanding of the product vision, to propose the optimal strategy for delivery. 

There were some important security considerations: the project required integrations with three vendors, one of which was – high-grade security software used by banks and governmental organisations. 

Exhale had already completed the business analysis, so we began work on the mock-ups. The first estimation, taking into account all the features in the client’s initial brief, forecasted costs totalling 200% of the client’s budget. 

We worked with the client to price and assess every deliverable, identifying elements where costs weren’t adding equivalent business value.

This allowed the client to make sensible decisions to reduce the scope of work. Together we arrived at a new estimation, acceptable for the client: only 5% over budget. 

The project delivery

QR kod

We were particularly proud of a new, outside-the-box solution we proposed to develop one of the app’s key features.
The challenge was to find an easy and, just as importantly,
secure way to digitise the notes from a therapy session. 

Exhale didn’t have an approach in mind to build this essential functionality. 

Research shows that therapists’ clients want a sense of
undivided and complete attention during their session,
and indicate they strongly prefer their therapist to take notes using an old-fashioned notebook and pen. 

This needed to be taken into account. So Rite NRG’s proposal
was to use QR codes: a therapist opens the Exhale web app,
navigates to a selected profile, and generates a unique QR code. 

They can then scan the code with their phone and take pictures
of the notes, which are transferred directly into the secure
Exhale client profile. 

Exhale loved our proposed solution and accepted it without modifications. 


Together with Exhale, we built an MVP, achieving the client’s objectives to enable therapists to digitise their analogue processes and facilitate regular communication with clients. We always approach projects with our client’s long term business goals in mind, so we chose technologies that allow for easy future development of the product.

Our innovative thinking at every stage of the project proved our ability to deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations.

Because all code is written in React, in the future we will be able to convert a web application to a mobile application faster and more efficiently.

With Rite NRG’s help, the Exhale app came to life with all features our customer had in mind and within budget threshold.

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