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Gambling Platform

Rite NRG sourced a dedicated, cost-effective team of developers with the first talent onboarded in 3 weeks. We quickly increased our client’s system efficiency and implemented monolithic code across different technologies.  

Casino online

We work in a really dynamic environment where we need
to respond to regulatory or market changes as soon as possible.
QAs from Rite NRG have significantly helped us with delivering
over 94 releases since the beginning of February.

The Client business

Global leader in the Gambling industry.

Owns 17 gaming brands.

Headquartered in Sweden with offices around the world.

The Client platform


The client’s gaming platform includes several different casino brands, localised to individual markets. Each requires constant development to ensure they are: 

  • Exciting for users 
  • Up to date 
  • Compliant with local gaming regulations 

Project challenges

Solutions and technologies

The business opted for our Dedicated Team service, which means developers aren’t rotated and can scale up and down to fit clients’ needs. The team is built, managed and continuously trained by Rite NRG.  

Creating the right cultural fit lies at the heart of our way of working. Clients have full visibility of the selection process to ensure we’re placing the right people in the right place, and can choose whether to be actively involved at this stage. 

This client opted for hands-on involvement with the selection process, with RiteNRG talent joining their international Python, QA, and Big Data teams. They were impressed to see the first developer onboarded within 3 weeks. 

The project delivery

The next step was project kick-off. We approached the project in an agile way with 2-week sprints, each followed by the release to production. Weekly meetings between our talent and their managers on Rite NRG’s side, as well as monthly syncs between Rite NRG and the client, ensured smooth cooperation as the project progressed. 

Our developers’ task was to support the client’s in-house team in separating independent components from the monolithic code of the entire system. This made the code easier to maintain. 

We also needed to increase the efficiency of the whole system during the migration of the system from its server room to the Kubernetes cluster as part of the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, while maintaining part of the system in its servers. We integrated new external services, such as text and email notifications, into the old monolithic code.

Additionally, this project was instrumental in the implementation of new functions, enabling system operation on various markets in accordance with applicable local law.

The monolithic code was based on a proprietary communication protocol using ZeroMQ and JSON. Queries were sent from various components of the entire project, mainly from the front-end through a proxy component that changed HTTP communication to ZeroMQ and vice versa. 

Parts of the code separated from the monolith included user and access management (Django, Django Rest Framework), achievement system (FastAPI), and quota system. 

The separated parts were implemented in different technologies and in different methodologies to accommodate various requirements. For example, due to the very large variety of queries regarding limits, the GraphQL-style API was used.


The Rite NRG Dedicated Team quickly adapted to the client’s organisational culture and delivered value from day 1.

The immediate cultural fit proved that our #riteway – matching the right people, with the right energy, to the right client – pays dividends. The developers weren’t rotated, ensuring smooth delivery over the course of the project.

Our team launched a total of 94 releases in 120 workdays, giving the client the speed and efficiency they needed to succeed. The client was subsequently named Online Gaming Operator of the Year by the International Gaming Awards.

Sound like the right fit for you, too?

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Rite NRG gives you high-performing, nearshored developers who fit your culture, ready to go as soon as you are.

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Chief Executive Officer

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