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Enterprise CMS - Episerver

We are delivering Enterprise Content Management solutions!

End-to-end solutions include Ideation, Implementation, Maintenance and trainings. We are helping with optimization, upgrades, and smooth migrations from different platforms, to enable the most effective use of all the features the Episerver solution offers.


Episerver is recognized as a Leader according to Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.

The most comprehensive CMS capabilities on the market, including content orchestration, content authoring workflows as well as tagging and taxonomies wrapped in easy-to-use business user tools. The concept of All in one platform empowers marketers to drive personalization, marketing optimization in terms of A/B and multivariate testing, and even e-commerce, in a single place, improving the overall velocity of all digital marketing activities.

299% ROI

Through customer interviews, data collection and subsequent financial analysis, Forrester concludes that Episerver can provide customers a 299% return on investment over three years with a break-even point of less than 6 months.

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Not Only One Channel


Nowadays, consumers expect brands to be present at more than one digital channel. Websites are simply not enough anymore, since consumers already demand communication via other channels, like mobile apps, e-mail, and even IoT including smart watches and conversational UI. Episerver’s headless capabilities help you meet your consumers’ needs and interact with them according to their preferred device and communication channel. An added value of this approach falls to your marketing teams by enabling them to use the same content on different channels ensuring smooth cross-channel experiences.


Rite NRG principle, being also one of the key advantages of the platform and pointing out why, for the clients, Episerver is a CMS platform of choice.


We deliver! Rite NRG’s proven method guarantees that your chosen solution will be delivered on time, and that the business goal will be achieved. Moreover, the team will bring to you countless ideas for innovations – and this is just a few examples how our Agile teams works.

Long-term partnership

We start every engagement with a detailed discussion about organizational culture, values, and goals. We are aiming at being perceived as your colleagues, just from a different office. This mindset builds a true partnership that lasts for years.

Companies who have believed in our way of doing things:

Rite NRG


What makes a project successful? The equation seems simple: the right people with the right skills who fit perfectly into the company’s culture generate the right energy to move the project forward.


This is where the Rite NRG process comes in. We tore apart the proven delivery practices, looked at them and improved them where they lacked certain features. Our company has been founded by the experienced leaders who aim to take extreme ownership of delivering value to the Client. We are providing next-gen outsourcing services, with the focus on the outcome-based delivery and price competitive advantage.

Michał Nikołajuk

Chief Executive Officer at Rite NRG


Each company is different, and we take this diversity into account when building a project team. Your company’s culture is its competitive advantage. And it should not be watered down by a business partner. Quite the contrary: the new people should bring the right energy to the mix.




Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform, Episerver, combines leading content and commerce capabilities into one platform, with AI and content automation built into the core to help you build 1:1 personalization. Companies choose Episerver for five key reasons: 

Justin Anovick

Chief Product Officer at Episerver

Being named a DXP leader, in my opinion, shows that Episerver’s customer-centric platform and visionary products are delivering real value to our customers. With our recent acquisitions of Idio and Insite, we are strengthening our personalization, content and commerce solutions even more. Our mission is to help companies close the gap between the experiences they’re delivering today and the ones their customers expect today and tomorrow.


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