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Rebuilding an investment-worthy MVP for OneGrid

“RiteNRG were highly responsive and flexible regarding the scope and milestones. What I found most impressive was the fast response and support, as well as great connection with the team.”
- OneGrid Executive

About the Client

Onegrid is a software platform empowering brands and artists to build interactive, rewarding, and highly engaging fan experiences. It offers new ways to monetize creative work and forges a more exclusive connection with their audiences.

The Challenge

OneGrid needed to build a scalable, flexible, user-centric platform from scratch and they needed to launch it fast. 

But budgets were seriously tight. Building the platform in full would cost hundreds of thousands of euros. OneGrid was lacking in investment capital; they needed a minimum viable product as quickly as possible, to prove the concept to investors. Speed to market was critical.

The obvious choice seemed to be hiring at the lowest cost. So that’s what OneGrid did, assembling a small software team to build the MVP. 

The first problem came quickly. The lowest-cost developers weren’t a structured team; nobody was in charge. That meant roles and responsibilities weren’t always clear. Progress wasn’t tracked. Deadlines began to slip by. 

It soon became clear that the current team’s lack of knowledge, agile structure, methodology and speed to market would not allow OneGrid to release and scale on time. Then came the second problem: the monolithic React Next.js application wasn’t fit for purpose. The developers hadn’t foreseen that continuing with a monolithic application would severely restrict future development of the platform, and it would ultimately need to be rebuilt from scratch. 

Certainly, the platform’s investment potential was close to zero. The business was set to fail. 

The Solution

That’s where Rite NRG came in. We’re here to diagnose the software problems that create risk and derail releases. OneGrid needed an experienced partner with a more structured way of working; they made the decision to make strong reduction into current team setup.

We could immediately see the need for a more flexible, scalable solution. We recommended using blockchain, facilitated through multiple integrations with AWS S3. This would allow users to seamlessly store and interact with images. Authentication via wallet addresses and MetaMask could ensure the login journey was secure and user-friendly, boosting trust and accessibility. 

Within 2 weeks from project kick-off, Rite NRG’s development team joined OneGrid to lead on strategy and identify any in-house blockchain knowledge gaps with a clear, structured action plan.  

It wasn’t easy. The previous team’s work on the backend required multiple, often complex fixes. So RiteNRG quickly implemented an agile methodology, training the in-house software team on best practice that wasn’t possible with the old platform. 

Led by senior developer Jan – a mature leader accustomed to working in collaborative environments – the team rebuilt the backend in Node.js using the Nest.js framework. 

The team used a MongoDB Atlas database hosted in the cloud in Digital Ocean. The frontend is now hosted on Vercel, a company that maintains the Next.js web development framework, with architecture built around Jamstack. Deployments are handled through Git repositories.

We also introduced Rainbow Boost, an innovative system by Bifrost, to further incentivize user behaviour on the platform. By rewarding users with ‘Raindrops’ for specific behaviours, Rainbow Boost increases engagement and participation to create a vibrant and dynamic user ecosystem.

  • Delivery: 4 months
  • Team: 1-2 developers, PM
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Technology:
    • AWS S3
    • Blockchain
    • Node.js / Nest.js
    • Mongo DB
    • Rainbow Boost

The Results

Rite NRG rebuilt a monolithic, outdated and inflexible platform as a user-centric, flexible, efficient application that strongly appeals to both investors and users. Users can now effortlessly and seamlessly login through Web3Auth or wallets to access their NFTs, substantially improving the entire experience of using OneGrid.  

RiteNRG’s approach hasn’t only found OneGrid’s blind spots but has unlocked unprecedented possibilities too; by embracing agile methodology, overhauling the architecture, and leveraging blockchain technologies, we’ve transformed OneGrid’s platform into an intuitive, scalable, and blockchain-powered ecosystem that sets new standards for fan experiences and engagement.

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