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Winning 30% more business with 80% less admin

Rite NRG collaborates with a client from healthcare industry in order to create scheduling platform.

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About the Client

The business is a UK medical centre offering personalised healthcare and precision medicine, focused on wellness and illness prevention. Therapies include Auditory Therapy, Biomedical Treatment and Neurodevelopmental Therapy, tailored and targeted to each client’s individual needs.

30+ healthcare practitioners

5 locations across the UK

100+ clients treated daily

The Challenge

Imagine this: you wake up on a Tuesday morning with a serious migraine. No work for you today, you think. You call in sick, then head to your clinic’s website to book an appointment ASAP. Wednesday or Thursday would be ideal. 

The site takes you to a calendar. It’s packed out with bright red, each half-hour slot showing ‘appointment taken’. Head still throbbing, you have to manually click through each day’s schedule, searching for an opening. 

The page is slow. It takes a long time. And the calendar doesn’t show you the soonest appointment available; that’s for you to find out for yourself. 

One of the clinicians, meanwhile, has just arrived at work. She notices her schedule looks even busier than usual today. Because she’s double-booked not once, not twice, but in three different slots. 

There’s definitely no time to review clients’ notes before appointments – though there usually isn’t anyway. Lunch will be a 10 minute affair again.

In short: nobody’s happy. 

Before Rite NRG began work, that’s what was happening. The clinic was using a legacy booking system that didn’t find calendar gaps for clients, didn’t prevent appointment clashes, didn’t assign appointments to clinicians or locations and didn’t even check clinicians’ capacity before booking. 

Office admins were managing the system manually themselves. Only they had the full picture of the business process and operations: therapy reports, lab tests, clinicians’ schedules, report writing & appointment prep, team meetings, payments, refunds and cancellations. 

And because the system couldn’t link with any other tools, like a user portal, health records, payment & invoicing – they had to input the same information into several systems, multiple times. 

It was completely inefficient. Inevitably, mistakes were made.  

The Solution

This business’s problem is ideally suited to Rite NRG’s capabilities: unlike a software house, we’re not just here to build a product. We’re here to diagnose the IT problems that lose time and money – and in this case, make customers unhappy, too.

Our clients tap into 12 years of strategic experience and lessons learnt. And we’re not afraid to challenge assumptions; we’re honest, but never critical.

What the clinic really needed was a detailed solution scope to overcome the scheduling issues and integrate the calendar with other platforms. 

So we conducted an ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ state analysis, along with thorough data analysis, identifying the bottlenecks that were causing problems.

Then we interviewed all stakeholders to understand their needs and experiences with the legacy system, immersing ourselves in the roles of patient, clinician and administrator to understand the system from every perspective.

Those interviews were crucial in understanding the admins’ business logic; we uncovered the need for specific rules around appointment booking, practitioners’ roles, appointment priorities, and the time required for various activities, including pre and post-appointment tasks.

The Results

From that foundational work, we discovered one key insight which ultimately transformed the clinic’s business: the booking system is more than a scheduling tool. It’s the beating heart of all the clinic’s operations. 

It needs to standardise patient pathways, manage practitioners’ time and clinics’ capacity for on-site visits, as well as monitoring income and clinician time billed. 

That gave us the opportunity to create measurable KPIs, based on reliable and integrated data that wasn’t previously available to the clinic.

With this perspective, Rite NRG created a scope that automated every task possible and set to work optimising the system.

The improved booking system ensured there were no bottlenecks on the admin team, boosting the clinic’s efficiency. It allowed them to serve more clients without additional resources; the admin headcount was reduced from a team of 11 to just two. 

Rite NRG’s comprehensive analysis and tailored solution transformed the clinic’s business. It streamlined operations, eased the workload for all staff, and optimised utilisation of resources, substantially improving the client experience along the way. 

Now, clients can book their own appointments with ease, clinicians manage their time more efficiently, and each clinic can monitor their capacity and finances more effectively. As a result, the clinics are now taking 30% more bookings with an 80% reduction in manual admin time.

Thanks to Rite NRG’s delivery consulting, what was previously a manual, complex and unwieldy booking system has been redesigned into an automated, efficient, and business-critical tool that, ultimately, improves the bottom line. 

  • Hours/costs saved: 30% increase in clients | 80% reduction in admin hours

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