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Coinswap is a DEX with a suite of products available in the Decentralized Finance Environment. It is the perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity that is provisioned in the BNB Chain, incentivizing the community for their efforts on the AMM model.

Coinswap Space is a decentralized exchange that provides users with a suite of services to help them maximize their returns in the DeFi space.

Project challenges

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Solutions and Technologies



Rite NRG understands the importance of choosing the right solutions, which is why it recommended – a digital marketing tool used by industry leaders. is characterized by a vast range of functionalities, from email marketing, through user profiling, sales management, to A/B Testing and advanced automation. We knew that it would be perfect in this situation and would help facilitate onboarding, as well as deliver a non-invasive communication with Coinswap users. Use data you have and grow.

Together, we discussed and diagnosed all the needs that must be met. These are:

Rite NRG team was responsible for the implementation of the integration between and Coinswap platforms. On the Coinswap platform, it was enough to add scripts created by That connected those two platforms and automatically the chatbot and other functionalities were active. It’s hard to find a faster and simpler solution. After the integration, together with the Client, we scoped the onboarding process and implemented it just using our drag-and-drop creator in We review the process together on the visual creator.

Technologies applied:


Personalization has been associated with storing your personal data. Together with Coinswap we have broken that rule and provided users with a personalized onboarding process without the need to store personal data like e-mail address, name, etc. This is the crypto world where everybody is anonymous and we want to follow that practices. 

This way we started collecting information about the user’s logging in by sending an appropriate event with user_ID (this is the main user ID in the application) unique for each user, without giving his sensitive data. It’s all managed through an API provided by

For this identification in the crypto world, we have decided to use the wallet’s address (one or many). Thanks to this, the user receives personalization without the need to enter his data, which makes it easier for him to use the platform. On the other hand, having the information about the wallets we are able to prepare proper content for users. 

This is a huge advantage, thanks to which the users can receive the same experience as during standard online shopping. A simple, effective, and safe solution – that is precisely what we wanted to achieve.


The key feature that we have used is the chatbot. The feature itself is nothing new in the digital world, but in decentralized exchange (DEX) it is something to be called innovative and unique.

Why? The data of users using the exchange is not part of the blockchain network.

Off-chain chatbot technology makes it impossible to connect the data of a specific user with their activity.

However, we found a solution for this as well. Setting the user_ID address allowed for on-chain identification and maintaining the continuity of communication. Another advantage of the solution is the optimization of the work of the customer service department. 

All thanks to the identification of the MetaMask connection status and the current update right after logging in. The agent handling a given conversation has an insight into the user’s activity. All data provided by the user during a chat conversation is automatically sent to, from where each interested person can monitor the status. That comes in handy, doesn’t it?


The chatbot in the Coinswap application serves the recipients as a virtual guardian who, with tips and the ability to ask the right questions, will guide them through the onboarding process and the use of the platform. By opening the chat window, we will meet with the possibility of defining our level of advancement (in the future, this process will be automated). After determining our advancement (beginner, intermediate, expert), we move on to further discussion with the agent. For example, at the beginner level, at the start, we will get a short explanation of what MetaMask is and all tips about BNP. Moreover, we get to know how to buy a token to be able to participate in an IDO, and how to get it or how to check its condition.


Moreover, we get to know how to buy a token to be able to participate in an IDO, and how to get it or how to check its condition. To facilitate navigation on the platform, all pages asked by the user during the conversation with the agent automatically open in a new browser tab. As you can see, the bot has been very thoughtfully developed, thanks to which we can enter the crypto world with much greater ease and freedom. Each level of advancement will find the information and instructions they need. At Coinswap, and Rite NRG, we know how important it is to provide a positive user experience. Valuable content and specific help are the key values ​​that the users of the platform are provided with.

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A good team is a guarantee of success. Thanks to and Rite NRG, the Coinswap team achieved its main goal – to create a friendly and intuitive onboarding flow. Thanks to it, the movement, activation, and onboarding of recipients are no longer a problem. From the moment the chatbot was placed on the website,it has answered almost 20,000 questions, which only confirms that such a solution was missing in the crypto industry. We can proudly announce that this project was a pioneer project. Thus, we fully deserved the name of ‘Innovative Business Partner’.

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