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Legacy System Upgrade (Security)

"Thanks to Rite NRG, we've been able to go from an R&D process to delivering new products. As for the quality of their work, Rite NRG has exceeded our expectations and have done much more than I would expect. They've provided feedback about our team and possible ways to increase performance depending on the basis of the project. Their regular feedback has really helped to steer it in the right direction and push technology change."
- Director of R&D

About Client

A leading technology company delivering the projects to launch a robust mobile device management platform. Customers provide infrastructure facilities such as hospitals, supplier and military service provider within European Union.

Project Background

Due to the key elements, safety was a priority, which required comprehensive and very innovative performance management.

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Project challenges

Solution and technology

The project team consisted of three Frontend developers, three Backend developers and one Full Stack developer. Additionally, the team included a designer, a tester and a Scrum Master. This diverse composition enabled a holistic approach to development, combining design, testing and project management perspectives.

The project was carried out using the SCRUM methodology, which enabled iterative development and close cooperation between team members. Daily meetings, sprint planning, and retrospectives were integral parts of the development process, ensuring alignment with project goals and timely resolution of issues.

The team actively participated in discussions regarding the selection of technology and the implementation of business requirements in the source code. This collaborative approach ensured that technology decisions were well-reasoned and aligned with project goals, while fostering a sense of ownership among team members.

The project used a modern technology stack, like caching, AMQP and  including microservices and microfrontends architecture, Angular for the frontend and Node.js for the backend. Developers were involved in a variety of tasks, including creating new features, refactoring existing source code, and writing application tests. This multi-faceted approach enabled us to continually improve the platform’s functionality, improve code quality, and ensure reliability through rigorous testing.

The Results

Rite NRG team blended into the current customer organization supporting and being responsible for all levels of project organization – not only on implementation level, but also high-level solutions and even enterprise-level solution architecture.

The choice of technologies and high-scale architecture enabled scalability, maintainability and flexibility, allowing the platform to adapt to changing requirements and challenges, but also allowing to handle hundreds of queries.

Today, we are working with client on other projects as well and have a lot of plans to implement together.

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