What do you want? Your project done. When do you want it? ASAP. How can we help? By providing either a team or a service. Or a combination of both.

Our Process

You have a job to do. We have a modern, holistic way of finding the right solution.


At Microsoft they used to ask “Where do you want to go today?” At Rite NRG we ask “Where do you want to be tomorrow?” A journey (a digital journey as well) without a plan is a nightmare.

Discovery Phase

We know the “where”, now let’s talk “how”. This is where the magic happens. We align your goals, your tech stack and the company culture and come up with the best solution. Because stellar results depend on those three.

Delivery Phase

If you decide to assemble a team, we’ll have a “team ready” status within days or weeks, not months. Thanks to our vast and deep sourcing network, we have developers pre- tested both for technical prowess and cultural fit. The right energy emerges at this step.

development code

Enterprise Software Development

You need your product developed, and you look for a long-term relation. You want the offshore team with the spirit and dedication of in-house engineers. Our process will ensure cultural and “team ready” within days. But there’s more.

When we reach the “outcome based” status, your project will be billed not for the hours spent, but for the storypoints achieved. How’s that for extreme ownership?

Truly Agile Approach

Start your project rapidly with “just-in-time” specification. Grow the project rapidly with us.


You’ll have the PoC ready for testing in no time. You work with our strategists on defining the scope of the project. You leave the tech stack to us.

Refining the User Experience

It’s not about what your product does. It’s how it’s doing it that gives you the competitive advantage.

Cloud-based solutions

Take the full advantage of the power of the cloud in your project. We’ll advise you on the nitty and gritty.

MVP Experts

We don’t hide our engineers behind the project managers. Speak directly to the people who have the vastest knowledge of your issues.

Outcome-based billing

The icing on the cake. Use our data-driven approach to estimate the costs and benefits of the delivered product, not the team headcount.



Optimize costs and make your business more agile by utilizing cloud solutions. We provide multi-cloud solutions and assist you throughout the process of cloud transformation. We will also help you optimize your existing solutions. 

Our engineers will help you pick the best cloud infrastructure, we work with Azure, AWS and Google.

System analysis

Which branch of your business will gain the most by moving to the cloud? Talk to our analysts, see the benefits and prognosis.

Transfer to the cloud

We will take your existing application and move it to the cloud without significantly altering the codebase. You’ll gain the scale and flexibility in no time.


Cloud optimisation

It is possible that your business is already taking advantage of the cloud. But are you using your resources effectively? We will analyse and optimise your requests, moving them among different providers if necessary.


Three major players: Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Three different cloud solutions. What if you could cherry pick the best services from each one of them and switch between cloud providers seamlessly? This is exactly what we provide.


Development workplace

Digital Journey

The world has gone digital. You can either embrace it or… perish among your competitors. But navigating the digital landscape is difficult. What is possible? What is the best solution to my problem? This is where we come in.

Not only will we solve your immediate challenges using digital tools. We will prepare your company to go all the way — help you find the right people, suggest the right models to fit into your company culture and guide you through the entire process.

Digital Transformation

The core of our services — preparing your company to embrace the digital. Move your users to the next level of personalisation with our proven Digital Experience Platform.


The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 proved one thing for sure: if you don’t sell over the internet, you’re out of business. Moving your sales to an eCommerce solution will also open you to a vast array of new markets.

Multi-Platform Approach

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Chances are you’re already using synergy between the different platforms. Your business will truly lift off if those platforms talk to one another and help you automate your tasks.

Data-driven approach

Do you know that 50% of companies don’t rely on data when making business decisions? There’s a number of reasons for that: they either do not gather data at all or they don’t know how to apply the measurements. We can help with that.


Build, Operate, Transfer

Build your team outside the company while maintaining all the intellectual property rights to whatever they produce. Thanks to our Rite process, the team will follow all of your company’s cultural standards. And when you’re ready to incorporate them within your structures, the transition will be seamless.

There are many reasons for building teams outside your organization. What’s important is that the extended team should be no different (when it comes to culture and procedures) than the people you already have. This is why Rite process is so important during the digital transformation process.

High-performing team in weeks

You bring your culture to the table. We will find the right people and inject your culture into the onboarding process. The effect? High-performing team in weeks.


Build an isolated infrastructure (along with a separate facility, entrance logs, and shared spaces) for a sensitive project. Transfer everything under your wings when you’re ready.

Property rights

It’s not an external team. These are your people, along with all the requirements they have to meet to work for you. Just not on premises. At the beginning, at least.

Cultural fit

The rotation at your extended team will be no different than the rotation of your core people. This is what Rite and cultural fit ensures.

Service and

Companies usually pull up the “maintenance” section to prove they’re in for the long game. We hope that if you’ve read this far, you’re certain of it. But we’ll post it nonetheless.

24/7 Support and KPIs

We thought it was a standard but apparently, it isn’t. Our teams are operating with flexible hours, they’ll align with your needs. But not only that. Defined MTTA (time to acknowledge) and MTTR (time to respond) guarantee we will not leave you hanging.

ITIL and ISO 2000

We got all the ISO practices that are important to you to ensure your data is safe and our procedures are proven and bulletproof.


We speak Polish, what’s your superpower? It’s a popular joke but we really do. Also, we speak English, Swedish, German... Take your pick.

Direct access to developers

We don’t shield you from speaking directly to our developers. If you need to bypass the project manager and discuss the nitty-gritty details with the programmer — you are free to do so.

Backend & Frontend Development

With the Rite NRG you achieve the “Team Ready” status in just three weeks. Too good to be true? IKEA, eurobank, Dolby, and Santander thought so, too. Initially. Now they’re our clients.

Mobile Development

With the Rite NRG you achieve the “Team Ready” status in just three weeks. Too good to be true? IKEA, eurobank, Dolby, and Santander thought so, too. Initially. Now they’re our clients.

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