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List of top enterprise content management platforms 2021

List of top enterprise content management platforms 2021

Enterprise Content Management software can be an expensive and very tedious purchase, especially for a larger company, so it is important to understand your options before making a decision.

The enterprise content management market continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of competitive business operations.

Selecting the best enterprise content management software provider for a business is critical to the future development of your business.

Let’s check a list of top enterprise content management platforms 2021


Alfresco software

Alfresco provides a digital business platform for managing content across the company. Developed as an open-source project, it is ECM compliant and is deployed on-premises or in the cloud running on AWS. Alfresco combines open-source tools with support services.

Alfresco creates open-source modules that support essential ECM functions, including library services, document lifecycle management, file sharing, file synchronization, mobile device sharing and records management.

Developers can inspect and modify the main functions. Alfresco also creates simplified tools (templates and scripts) for developers to help non-technical users and administrators create and maintain predefined workflows.

Alfresco has been developing social media interfaces to connect to popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Hyland OnBase

Hyland OnBase is able to manage documents and different types of content associated with formal business operations. It has a central repository tailored to specific vertical industries: healthcare, financial services, insurance, government, retail, manufacturing and higher education.

OnBase focuses not only on document capture but also on imaging and archiving capabilities. It has the ability to integrate with a wide range of business applications, including the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook, SAP as well as AutoCAD.

OnBase is still expanding.

The best enterprise CMS 2021

Contentful is a cloud-native, API-first content platform that helps medium and big companies create digital experiences at scale. It enables teams to centralize material in a single location, arrange it for use across all digital channels, and link with hundreds of other applications via open APIs.


Things you must take into consideration:

  • the size of your company
  • need for storage
  • cost-benefit
  • current workflow

We rate them according to our experience and the various tests we have carried out with some of them.

There comes a time when your business needs bespoke tools to fulfil its best effort and potential.

To choose the best enterprise content management you should contact an expert who can explain the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision.

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