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IoT Software Development

Our IoT software development team for your business.

Companies who have believed in our way of doing things:

Project cases

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Authenticity Proofing Solution (IoT)

The Client, a Swedish company operating in the IoT industry, reached out to us to develop a cloud-based infrastructure, software for factories and mobile application supporting product authenticity verification. The company was launched by an experienced founder of a few successful companies who had over 20 years of business experience.

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IoT project for Maersk

The target was to reduce fuel consumption on the sea fleet The way we approach this was to design a mobile app (connected to all fuel management & control devices) that integrates an onboard system to monitor and plan an accurate ship entrance timing into a port allowing a captain to adjust the speed and dedicated manoeuvres. This app also allowed pre-defined mobile providers selection.

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Car insurance

Cloud-Based Telematics Platform

We proved that it’s possible to handle even the most challenging and comprehensive projects in 6 months - , while working fully remotely in a hybrid team.

Our services!

icon dedicated team

A IoT team perfectly tailored to your organization.

We know what skill set you need for IoT projects. We will build you a team of developers to ensure your long-term success.


icon project software development

Got an idea? We’ve got the people and technology to make it happen.

Or, not sure how to approach it? No problem! We can take care of both technology and project delivery.

Love working with the team? Make it yours.

Retain your IoT team in-house – along with their knowledge and experience – once the blockchain project’s complete. Transfer know-how to your other teams and watch the results.  



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.NET has long been associated with enterprise-level software – primarily for its reliability. . Working with .NET gives you the reassurance your solution will be well-balanced between resistance, security, speed, and simplicity for programmers. Battle-tested pairing with Azure and a huge directory of ready-to-use NuGet packages add a cherry on top.

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React is a very nimble framework, easily  adaptable to every project.As a lightweight framework, it’s a natural fit for smaller projects and those requiring innovation with new frontend trends; its extensibility is another strength.

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Angular is a robust framework, ideal for enterprise-grade applicationsIt’s not the smallest framework around, but offers all-round advantages for standardized business-oriented applications.

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Node JS

Have you ever dreamed of a project where the same language is used on the backend and frontend? We certainly have and Node JS gives us the opportunity to do just that! Node excels where time-to-market and rapid evolution of the backend is a priority.

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Python is heavily used in science, offering the possibility for fast-paced interactive, interpreted programming. The same reasons it’s used to build web applications: security and speed.  And there’s another benefit:  engineers love working with it!

Who is it for?

Start-up, scale-up

We’ll lead on software delivery & product development, so you can focus on business.


The fastest growing product companies need reliable software partners. . That’s why we embrace your culture and take care of the existing applications and code, just as you do.

Small and Medium Enterprises

We understand the SME business culture is unique, and you need a trusted partner with a long-term perspective. That’s what you get from RiteNRG.

Development workplace

What we build?

IoT Hardware architecture

Rite NRG will help define and design your smart product. We have expertise in System on a Chip and IoT embedded computing. We will advise you on the key elements of the IoT ecosystem.

IoT Connectivity implementation

We know how important a good connection is, so you don’t have to worry about cellular connectivity to your product. We will take care of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other secure wireless connectivity.

IoT Cloud services

Rite NRG specialists will take care of the architecture of your smart project. We will configure, implement and maintain your public cloud architecture (AWS, Azure).

IoT Software development

We have been involved in Software Development for years and know what steps to take to make your IoT project a success. We can start by implementing an MVP version and see how the market reacts to the available functionality.

IoT Data Management & Analytics

Analytics and drawing accurate conclusions are integral to a successful project, especially IoT. Data will allow us to develop next steps and respond dynamically to market changes.

Sound like the right fit for you, too?

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Rite NRG gives you high-performing, nearshored developers who fit your culture, ready to go as soon as you are.

Talk to us to find out more.

Michał Nikołajuk

Chief Executive Officer

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