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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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weeks to build enterprise cloud infrastructure


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CoinSwap Space is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, created for swapping BEP20 tokens on BNB Chain. CoinSwap Space uses an automated market maker (AMM) model where users can trade against a liquidity pool. 

CoinSwap Space’s vision is to create a strong foundation for the community by giving memberts incentives in exchange for their support of the AMM model. Also, to develop an advanced ecosystem for automated liquidity provisioned on BNB Chain. 

CoinSwap was founded by entrepreneurs and experts in the crypto domain. Wanting to focus on the business, they were looking for a partner who would be able to help them with delivery in a rapid-growth environment. This is where Rite NRG came in. 

Key Values

Building and rapid scale-up of the delivery team

Establishment of delivery processes (SCRUM, SDLC, PMO, Onboarding, etc.)

Advisory regarding solutions and support with building a strategy

Project challenges

icon project software development

Solutions and Technologies

In the first stage, we focused on an in-depth analysis of the challenges inside the portal. The combination of Coinswap’s knowledge of the crypto industry and our experience in the delivery and scale-up showed us the best direction for the fast development. Together, we decided that the best choice for our cooperation would be the Dedicated Team service. Thanks to the series of meetings, we were able to get to know the client’s values, goals, and Coinswap’s way of looking at the business. This allowed us to build a team consisting of the competencies that the client needed at this very moment.

The next key step was to stabilize the customer’s delivery. The team, which was already working with Coinswap, was to provide services that helped in the implementation of further features in and to take care of support and maintenance. As software houses especially know it well, the most important thing is to bring the solution to a stable level, allowing a platform to be expanded with new functionalities.


Technologies applied:

A natural step in the company’s development was moving the platform to other channels. In times so heavily focused on mobile devices, we could not afford to skip this area. As in every previous case, Coinswap came up with an idea, we found the solution. This time it was to find a dedicated Mobile team that would implement the iOS and Adroid Apps. In this case, Rite NRG recomend a partner specilized in this type of the project.  Having different channels that don’t provide a similar user experience is a serious challenge.

 Especially if we are thinking about inexperienced users who want to start their own journey with crypto. This time we came up with the idea to use as a central point of user profiling and therefore make onboarding easier based on that solution. We described it in another case study here (link do case study o All of these projects were realized in a unified approach based on Agile and with SCRUM as a delivery framework. 

Results and plans for the future

A stable, advanced stage of iOS and Android implementation, and proper processes implemented are the milestones in our jurney. Currently, the team of almost 20 people is working on various projects to make it all happen, thinking about the future of eCommerce and Blockchain. Yes, we have started already the next extraordinary project in Meta. This will be a Metaverse platform for gamers

Effects are coming soon…

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