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Home Hunter Report

Home hunter report

Behind the project

Buying a property is not grocery shopping

Anyone who has ever wanted to buy a property knows how time-consuming that is. The smallest details can make a big impact.

There are lots of factors to consider:  : from the property’s legal status, the floodplains, or the floor plan, through public transport options in the area, to available internet providers. Everything matters – not only when it comes to liveability,  but also during price negotiations.

About Client

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Home Hunter is a start-up established for the Ireland market. The two founders bring 15 years’ of real estate experience and market knowledge.

They wanted to solve a problem most homebuyers experience: the need to spend many hours conducting independent research on google, making phone calls and visiting municipal offices.

The founders asked a single question: wouldn’t it be incredible if you could get a report that sums up all you need to know? And that’s the idea – to offer their clients a full report on a particular property, with all its publicly available data gathered in one place.


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Project challenges

Solutions and Technologies

Home Hunter is a start-up, so part of the challenge for them was to find a company that would provide a great cost vs. value ratio as well as someone who would propose sensible solutions to their business challenges.  We always strive to provide value from day one – even before the project’s actual kick-off.

At the presales stage, the client met with Rite NRG’s technical team, to propose and discuss possible solutions. In-depth conversations enabled the client to learn about who we are and what we could do in the project. The client instantly felt they could trust us, and we took off with the Home Hunter project.

We provided the client with the budget range (min-mid-max), including the analysis of possible scenarios. The next stage was a kick-off with the team, consisting of a Project Coordinator, a Business Analyst, and a .NET Developer. The testing was performed by the client as well as by us. The demo meetings took place every two weeks, to show the effects and the project’s progress and to gather feedback. The client did provide some replacements but all within the project scope. All in all, the entire collaboration was smooth.

The project realization


We built an MVP for a report generator tool that enables the company to grow almost without limits. With Rite NRG’s help, what used to take the company one business day, now takes approximately 30 seconds. With such an efficient MVP, they can scale their business up in a way that was impossible to do before. We were proud of course, but also, we wanted to know what our client thought of the result. 

What’s next? Now we are thinking about how to elevate the project into a platform, including integration with payment methods and enabling new kinds of report generation – among other features!


Sound like the right fit for you, too?

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