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Authenticity Proofing Solution (IoT)

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What can you do if you have a promising product idea, but no time to develop it in-house? The answer is to hire an experienced partner who will support you with their software delivery know-how and experienced experts. A qualified team and a well-matched project methodology can lead you to outstanding results – read our case study to learn how the guidance of a technology partner can become a real game-changer.

Project background

Project challenges

When we entered the project, we received the proof of concept prepared by the Client. However, their prototype was designed only for one specific product type and was definitely not ready to be scaled up. So, we started to discuss their ideas and collect requirements in order to build a fully functional and universal solution. At this stage, the main person involved in the project was our IT Architect, who started designing the product concept together with the Client. Later we decided that C++, Python, and Azure would be the best choices for the project as both the Client and our team were fluent in those technologies. Also, the Client’s request was to keep the know-how inside of the organization. This is why we suggested one of our services – BOT as an approach.

Finding good developers was one of the biggest challenges. The software developers market is extremely competitive and it is always difficult to find a programmer interested in joining such a fresh project. This is why we were searching for developers while already coding in order to avoid delays and bottlenecks. In this way, we managed to build a highly qualified team.

The other challenge that we needed to overcome was dynamically transforming requirements. In the beginning, we were not fully aware of how complicated was the system they wanted to build. The scope changed a few times yet at the initial stages so we needed to change the design of the crucial elements of the cloud solution. However, thanks to working in agile frameworks, we were prepared to handle such challenges, stayed flexible, and easily adapted to changes in the environment.

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Solutions and Technologies

As a key member of the project team, the IT Architect designed the entire solution and planned its implementation. Shortly after, we built a team containing a Product Coordinator, Python, C++ developers, a Business Analyst and QA specialists. We were also supported by developers from the Client’s internal team experienced in AI and building advanced algorithms. In addition, we used the Microsoft Azure cloud, which could be easily done in Python and offered a functional SDK. The Client decided to follow our recommendations, and we managed to kick off and complete the project fast.

The Client became confident about using SCRUM in their daily work
In this project, we not only developed the solution but also provided the Client with an accurate project management methodology. We recommended working in SCRUM as this was the best way to manage this type of project, and we helped the client to establish processes. They didn’t have experience in this method, but thanks to our support, they were able to take over the project management after the major part was completed. At the moment of the takeover, they were already fully convinced about the SCRUM benefits and confident about using it in their daily work, so we were sure they were well-prepared. After the takeover, our developers remained active in the project.

Technologies applied:


After 6 months, we managed to define the clear vision of the product and successfully lead the client through the entire SCRUM implementation. They managed to learn enough to become independent and manage the project on their own. The client was also satisfied with the dedicated team. As IT-experienced specialists themselves, they claimed that it rarely happens to build such a qualified and efficient project team. Within a short time, they saw their brief idea turning into a functional product with the potential to be scaled and developed further, which resulted in overall high satisfaction.

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